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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 7, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EST

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on facebook and twitter. and me, too, @christineromans. and my new book with ali velshi, it's called, "how to speak money." back now to cnn saturday for the latest headlines. have a great weekend, everybody. from cnn's world headquarters, bringing you news and analysis from across the nation and around the globe, live from studio 7, this is cnn saturday morning. >> good morning. an american teenager returns home after being mistakenly deported. we'll show you what she had to say on facebook while she was out of the country. and get off that couch. turns out sitting is very bad for your health. what can we do to save ourselves? from the cnn center in atlanta, this is cnn saturday morning. i'm gary tuchman.
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we sit down and chart this morning with politics. the new hampshire primary is three days away. as we saw in iowa, every single vote literally counts. mitt romney, ron paul and jon huntsman have been out to meet voters this morning. here is jon huntsman talking about his hopes for new hampshire. >> all the others have gone up and down. you know, i'm getting a stiff neck just watching all of my friends just go up and down. perry, cain, back mapp, thhmaba come in, go up to 22 and down to 2. i don't want that to happen to me. i want a gradual, steady, substantive rise, like we're getting here in new hampshire. >> so how are all the candidates spending their weekend? cnn political director mark presston joins us live from
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manchester, new hampshire. is it just a free for all right now? >> it is, gary. we've had several campaign events happen this morning. there's one going on right now here in manchester with rick santorum. it's interesting we hear jon huntsman talk about, with a little levity, he doesn't want to go all the way up and all the way down in the poles. the problem for jon huntsman is that he hasn't taken off here in the polls, especially here in new hampshire where he is staking his whole campaign. let's take a look at this new poll that was out last night from wcnr, one of our cnn affiliates up here. it shows that mitt romney is in the commanding lead right now. but it's not about the race for first place. it's about the race for second and third place. mitt romney has the ground game, the institutions he will win on tuesday night. but, really, the real race is for second and third place. will ron paul come in a strong
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second? what will happen with rick santorum who has suddenly gone on the rise, who surprised everybody out in iowa basically with a statistical tie for a win out there? and, of course, newt gingerich, who was the flavor of the month back in december, he is with one on the quick uptick. but we've seen his numbers fall, not only here in new hampshire all across the country because millions of dollars of negative advertising. when you say it's a free for all, it absolutely is a free for all. tonight we'll have another presidential debate where the candidates have been on stage certainly attacking one another. gary. >> i just did some math with that poll. the next three men had 43% combined. what message are the candidates trying to send to the voters today? >> great question. what is mitt romney going to say today? all he's going to talk about is president obama and how he will be a pt better president.
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everyone else needs to attack one another so they can get more support. you'll see newt beginning rich who said he would be running a positive campaign go on the attack a little bit. he has to be worried about santorum. there will be a lot of interfighting tonight in this debate. they really need a strong showing here. if you're not mitt romney, you need a strong showing up here. >> huge debate tonight. mark presston, thank you so much. cnn's live team coverage of the new hampshire primary begins tuesday in this very pseudo at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. check out this new cnn time orc poll out of south carolina. mitt romney is on top there with 37% of the vote. rick santorum jumped up to second at 19%. south carolina holds its primary two weeks from today.
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can rick santorum capitalize od moment jump? maria car down na and lenny mccall sister will be along to try to talk about that with me. one american teenage anterior's saga has ended after she was returned to the united states. she spent most of the past year in the south american nation of columbia after being deported by the u.s. government after a shoplifting arrest in houston, she convinced american and columbian officials that her name was tika cordez, a 21-year-old illegal immigrant. her family wants answers from the u.s. government. >> somewhere, the ball was dropped and whether it's i.c.e., immigration, local authorities, whomever, at some point, this 14-year-old girl should not have been able to dupe or bam boozel these agencies in order for her to say that she's anyone from another country and then for that country to then provide her
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with documentation saying that is who she is and allow her, welcome her into a country. the teen's grandmother found her on facebook. here are some of the posts. back home in columbia, got deported. really missed everyone in houston. that one was from may of last year. here is one from june. i'm having too many problems in my life. just found out i can't even go back to the states in another five years. federal immigration officials are investigating the case, as you might imagine. >> police in georgia are expanding their search for stacey. police have named a man visiting glirchb english as a person of interest. iran's navy plans to conduct more military drills in the
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strait of hormuz. the strait is a key gateway for oil exports through the persian gulf. the new drills will take place in february. iran just wrapped up military games in the area in late december and they included missel drills. iran has warned that it may block the strait if international sanctions against them take effect. iran is saying thank you in a way, though, to the united states to the u.s. navy. an american destroyer arrested 13 iranian soldiers who were being held by pirates. iran called it a welcome and humanitarian act. the iranians have been held for more than 40 days by the pirates. the suspected pirates are being held now by the u.s. navy. an american ice breaking ship is leading the way for a russian fuel tanker. bad weather canceled the fuel
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shipment to nome last fall. it's the question millions of americans nearly coast to coast are asking. where is winter? meteorologist alexandra steel is is joining us from the weather center. >> not a lot of ice, not a lot of snow, not a lot of cold temperatures around the country. temperatures are unseasonably warm. will it continue? where is the snow and is it coming? all of those questions and answers coming up. >> i've been to nome, alaska, and there's a lot a lot of ice there. >> right. don't snow, eat right, work out. you you all do that. but it's something you're probably doing right now that could be bad for your health. we'll explain, coming up next. there's so much to choose from. [ male announcer ] the four course seafood feast is back at red lobster. still just $15.
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they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. it's ten minutes past the hour. meteorologist alexandra steele is back with our weekend weather forecast. where is the cold, where is the snow? and it's like where is the beef, remember that? >> where is the waldo. >> that's right. where is the meat of this forecast? no snow, no cold air. where is all the snow? last year at this time, this is where it was. here is the snow cover one year ago today. this is canada, so this is the purple. but here, of course, in the lower 48, wherever the purple and blue delineates, anywhere between five and a foot of snow on the ground, certainly not the case, it's a whole different thing we've seen in the last year. here is a look at where the snow cover is right now. last year, 35% of the snow in
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this country covers with snow. 16% right now. ski resorts on both coasts operating at minimal and reduced capacity. mild air coming down. but the mildest air that we've seen with record 44 in fargo yesterday, beginning to come down behind a cold front. but the least snowiest december on record in utah, nevada, even in michigan. in the last seven days, we've had over 1100 record highs. most of those, though, west of the mississippi. but it's the eastern seaboard that is really going to feel the heat today and tomorrow. we've talked about minnesota because of the ice, depth and thickness and some of the troubles there. minnesota, highs in the 60s for the first time ever the first week in january. first time in history since recordkeeping began. so it is pretty dramatic in terms of the lack of cold air. record heat, fargo, 44. today you'll be at 44. your average high, 18. you will get there on wednesday, i promise you that. so it's going to come. dilution all the way to eureka
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and tahoe, of course, how about snow in tahoe, 56. hard to make it even then. highs today, 62 in washington, d.c. you should be at 42 this time of year. so ahead of this front, right along the eastern seaboard, 52. in boston, can you imagine in january? so not making a lot of snow there in the green and white mountains. 65 in atlanta, should be in the low 50s. so a big picture, quiet around the country, other than maybe some winds around the great lakes. but, really, the warmth and the lack of really cold, cold air is coming down from the north is the big story. >> alexandra, we are doomed. come february. >> it's going to be great. manchester, we'll talk about the tuesday forecast, coming up. >> sure. thank you very much, alexandra. let's say you follow a healthy exercise. you exercise, you eat right. research suggests a common act may be bad for your health. in fact, you're probably doing it right now.
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>> at 13, travis saunders came to our attention because of his skills as a juggler. at 27, he's juggling married life, work and writing a ph.d. saunters has never been a couch potato, bit floored him when he found out exercising doesn't seem to counter the bad effects of sitting. for more than two hours at a time. >> in general, people who sit more, they die sooner, but they also get more diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, even if they're otherwise healthy. so even if they're exercising, eat ago healthy diet, not smoking, sitting seems to have an independent effect on their health. >> a study reported in the january journal of the american journal of cardiology says british researchers found that those who sat for more than four hours a day in front of screens were twice as likely to be optized or die from a major cardiac event, regardless of how physically active they were
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outside of that. that's news to 911 operators in frederickton who work 12-hour shifts. but nicholas baldwin says he takes full advantage of his workstation's moveability. >> i can raise my console to a standing position. i stand probably 15 minutes or five times a shift. i can do this whether or not i'm on the phone. it doesn't matter. >> travis saunders borrowed his grandmother's device she used to get his knees back in shape after a fall. something he started doing after realizing he was reading hours of material about the dangers of sitting at a desk while sitting at a desk. saunders is basing his ph.d. work on understanding if sedden tear children suffer from the same effect. >> to actually having kids come into the lab and spend a day sitting and we're taking blood
10:16 am
every 90 minutes to see if there's a measurable health impact of that significant throughout the day, to see if the kids are getting noticeably less healthy just in that one day. >> travis saunders expects to have preliminary results soon. no one knows yet how long a break you have to take in all that screen staring to counteract the effects. but safe to say, it would help if every hour you stood up for a couple of minutes of juggling. >> okay. good advice. why are some in new hampshire saying, not so fast, to political experts predicting mitt romney is a shoo-in to win the state? stick around. you may be surprised. grow quake? because there are mountains to climb. ♪ dreams to be realized. ♪ new worlds to be explored and hearts to be won. quaker oats. energy to get you going, fiber to help fill you up
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and help keep your heart healthy. super people eat super grains. [ female announcer ] improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula improves skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] only from aveeno. we've reached crunch time in new hampshire, just three days until the republican primary. the first in the nation primary. so let's listen to some of the candidates' final words to voters in the granite state.
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>> in our own economy, 25 million people out of work, stopped looking for work. i'm glad it's doing a little better now. i'm sure the president will want to take visit for it, for any improvement. guess what? he doesn't deserve it. everything that's been done has hurt this economy's recovery, everything done by this president. >> no more government knows best. we had that. we need a short contract. we need someone who believes in you. 2008, the people of this country were convinced they needed someone that they could believe in. i believe americans really want someone who believes in them. >> i'm prepared to take obama on and i'll argue economic growth and he can argue redistribution. we'll win that debate. i'll argue paychecks, he can defend food stamps. we'll win that debate. but you have to have somebody with a courage to have a plan big enough that people are going
10:19 am
to go, oh, yeah, that would make my life different. >> most polls show republican mitt romney is the clear front-runner in the new hampshire primary. some of the granite state warn it's still early to predict who they will vote for on tuesday. here is dan lothian. >> for the republican presidential hopefuls, new hampshire is the second stop on the road to the white house. unlike the first stop in iowa, independent voters who make up about 40% of the electat are in the driver's seat. and most come to the table with strong partisan groou views according to the university of new hampshire's andrew smith. >> some of them are democrats. some of them are true independents. >> but elizabeth says, don't call them renegades. >> they're going to make up their own minds. >> reporter: what happened in
10:20 am
iowa or what the pundits predict doesn't necessarily sell in new hampshire. voters here relish the vetting process. large town hall meetings are an appetizer to the real meal, that up close encounter on main street. but the new hampshire radio host says some of his listeners have tuned them out. >> some of the candidates, they came. some of them have spent a lot of time here. >> but -- >> it just didn't happen as much and the candidates kind of stayed away. >> reporter: their daily planners were packed with a time of debates, visits to iowa and national media interviews. in an election cycle where republicans are having a difficult time rallying behind one candidate, some independent voters here are still scratching their heads. >> the republican field, not too impressed. >> reporter: mitt romney has consistently maintained a two to one lead over his closest
10:21 am
opponents. the clear front-runner in the race. >> romney, we may not like him too much, but probably the guy with the best chance. i think that's the dynamic that's going on, as well. >> former senator rick santorum is getting a second look and newt gingerich is attacking the front-runner who cost him his forchs in iowa. >> i think it's dangerous to make predictions in new hampshi hampshire. i really do. i think you have to wait until the last possible minute. >> dan lothian, cnn, manchester, new hampshire. >> cnn's live coverage of the new hampshire primary begins on tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. who is your hero? do you want to share your inspiration with the rest of us? we'll show you how. it's an all new year of cnn heroes, next. and a new study shows which college degrees make it harder to find jobs. there's a bug flying around the studio. recent college graduates with
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engineering degrees have a 7.5% unemployment rate. humanities and liberal ral arts degrees have 59.4 rate. the third highest. we'll take a look at the two with the worst job prospects in just a moment.
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before the break web promised to show you the two college degrees that have the worst prospects for landing you a job. art majors. 11.1% to be precise, that's according to a study by the georgetown center education in the workforce. and number one, architecture majors have the highest rates of unemployment of 1379%.
10:24 am
lower rates of home building, other construction, are to blame. a new year brings a new search for heros, cnn heroes. anderson cooper shows you how to nominate your hero and share the story with all of us. >> tonight we gather to honor the best that humanity has to offer. >> to join us, we'll be unstoppable. >> cnn heros are looking for every day people that change the world. how do we find these extraordinary people? with your help. nom naipt nate someone right now at cnn maybe your hero is defending the planet by protecting the environment. >> there are people that really care and i'm one of them. >> & or help people overcome obstacles. >> there will be no people left behind as long as we are this nation. >> we're finding a unique approach to solve ago problem. >> whatever their cause, nominating a cnn hero is easy. go to
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tell us what makes your hero extraordinary? how they changing lives for the better? >> you're doing a great job. >> it's important to write from your heart because it's your word that will make your hero's story stand out. a couple of tips, please don't nominate yourself. it's against the rules. it's not necessary to nominate someone over and over. we reach each and every nomination. those ownered with cnn heros are truly dedicating their lives to serving others. after you've told us about your hero, click and submit. nominate someone deserving today. >> thank you so much for this incredible honor. this has been the greatest night of my life. >> and that is how you do it. we are so proud of the hero's show here at cnn. just go to cnn and tell us who inspires you. knot nominate your hero today. can rick santorum follow up
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on his iowa success? are a couple of our political strap strategists are going to weigh in on that and the rest of the action from the campaign trail. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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it's 28 minutes past the hour. welcome back to cnn. first to kenya's capital, nairobi, where british officials warn terrorists may be in the final stages of planning attacks. attacks may target places where ex patriots gather such as hotels, shopping centers and beaches. but it did not offer details on who might carry out the attacks. the threats are not new.
10:29 am
and the 15-year-old who was mistakenly deported into columbia is now back in the u.s. you're looking at video of jakadrien turner. turner, who is pregnant, gave immigration authorities a fake name and was deported to columbia last may. check this video from the u.s. navy. it shows 13 iranian fishermen being held hostage by suspected pirates. an american rescuer rescued them. 15 suspected pirates are now being held by the u.s. navy. this weekend, the republicans running for president are concentrating on new hampshire, but south carolina is not far from their minds. a new cnn time orc poll shows mitt romney with a solid lead in south carolina, 37% of likely gop primary voters say romney is their choice, rick santorum is
10:30 am
second at 19%, up from 4% in november, newt gingerich third at 18%, but that's a drop of 25 points since last month. ron paul is fourth at 12%. and rick perry, who concentrated in south carolina is still in single digits there. joining me now to say how all this plays out, maria car down cardona and lenny mccall sister. >> lenny, romney seems to have a pretty comfortable lead in not only new hampshire, which is not a big surprise, but also south carolina. can santorum do anything? >> santorum can start doing something about this lead. there hasn't been an opportunity for rick santorum to be on the stage at debts as a
10:31 am
front-runner. if you look at these debates previously, how they've played out over the last several months, mitt romney has never been the target on stage. this time, you're going to have newt gingerich from one angle and rick santorum at another chipping away on the debate stage coming up this weekend twice. if they can do that effectively, do not be surprised if the lead that romney had in some of these states coming up starts to dissipate. if that's the case, as rick santorum said on tuesday night, game on. >> i think new hampshire is unlikely to have a great showing. but south carolina would be considered a vulnerable place for romney. do you think social conservatism can carry rick santorum in south carolina? >> well, it all depends. what we saw in the poll you just showed, if you add ul the anybody but romney vote, which is paul, gingerich, santorum and
10:32 am
perry, they will be room know. the problem is romney is a weak candidate, but clearly in a much yet weaker field if social conservatives don't decide to coaless around one candidate. so as long as they all continue to be in the race and as long as social conservatives don't decide on who to coaless around, mitt romney is going to run away with it. >> let's talk about another guy who was way up in the polls a few weeks ago and that's newt gingerich. now he's running ads that sound pretty negative himself. first of all, do you think he's running similar ads while he's complaining about it and do you think newt gingerich can turn it around? >> i think newt gingerich can turn it around. i don't want to overemphasize necessary debate webs but the one place where newt gingerich did extremely well was on the debate stage where he had an opportunity to articulate his positions with more than just 15
10:33 am
seconds or 30 seconds. newt gingerich does not have the money for the ads and he doesn't have the time. even when you put the ads out there, you have 30 seconds to a minute tops versus these debates where you have 90 minutes to articulate and create a narrative. and he excels extremely well at that. newt gingerich's big bounce has to come in florida. do you want on moderate massachusetts governor or do you want a reagan conservative? if he can articulate that well, he'll head back up in the polls. >> by the way, lenny, those are live pictures we're seeing of newt gingerich. we have bugs here in the studio in atlanta. i do want to ask you, maria, what about rick perry? he said after the iowa caucuses that he was going back to texas,
10:34 am
he was going to reconsider. he's still running. but how can he do, do you think, in south carolina? >> i think it's going to be very difficult for perry to revive his campaign. look, i think he decided to come back after iowa because he saw that michellebackman was getting out. so he saw maybe an opening if he could get it together. but i think he's done. i think a lot of people have already seen how he conducts himself on the national stage. they've seen him in debates and the flubs that he's made are just way too much. and i think similarly with gingerich, the fact that he has been so nasty after he's said that he wanted to run a positive campaign has really shown people sort of what folks have called the old newt coming out where he can't help himself and where he becomes his own worst enemy. and i think ultimately republicans have always said that they do not want him as their nominee because he will absolutely self-destruct and we're seeing that hopping now.
10:35 am
>> one sentence from each of you, the economic news, the unemployment rate going down. is that going to hurt the republicans in the next few weeks or months? let's start with lenny. >> no. 8.5% is not good, so let's not start shaping it as if it is. >> maria. >> i think it's going to help president obama and republicans need to be careful not to be talking down the economy with negative remarks because americans will not go for that. >> maria cardona, lenny mccallster, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> good luck with the mosquitoes. thank you. >> dancing in the end zone, one nfl player known for his touchdown celebrations says thanks, but no thanks. he won't be "dancing with the stars." that's ahead in sports. and more. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda®, you'll save 100 calories a day.
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that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year. and now get even more with splenda® essentials, the only line of sweeteners with a small boost of fiber, or antioxidants, or b vitamins in every packet. just another reason why you get more... when you sweeten with splenda®. ♪
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okay. well, the time has come. us football fans wait for the playoffs. they begin today. this is wild card weekend. how wild is it going to be? it's going to be dramatic, it always is. hln sports joe carter is here with me. >> let's hope it's wild. it helps out for us. >> what's great about football, unlike baseball or hockey or basketball, one game and you're out. it's not the best of three.
10:39 am
the stakes are high. >> winner go home, as they say. i was doing some research and looking into some things and came across an article talking about tv ratings. i was surprised at the number of people that tuned in for these games. last year, 33 million people on oofrg watched three playoff games. a show like "american idol" draws about 19 million. so the nfl has to be really happy with where it is in terms of fan interest right now. you've got two games today, two games tomorrow. the two games today will be 4:30. you've got two rookie quarterbacks going against each other. you have cincinnati rookie dalton who was passed up by a lot of teams in the nfl draft. i heard a couple of rumblings about the fact that he had red hair, they weren't interested in him. >> that's true. that's not a joke. >> jergenson was the last good red headed quarterback. >> the bengals snatched him up, they like him. they're back in the playoffs for the first time in six years.
10:40 am
you've got houston. matt linart was lost to injury. now they have yates. he has the keys to the castle. we'll see if he can beat the bengals. they won, 20-19. it's a really good game, expecting the same thing again today. the night game, going to be very good, as well. you've got the lions traveling to the saints. that's 8:00 p.m. eastern. the saint are an 11-point favorite to beat detroit, but detroit can score. we are saying it before. they just need to toss the ball to calvin johnson and let him do his job. two great offenses, two great quarterbacks going at it. expecting an offensive shoot-out, if you will. sunday, we have the falcons, giants, steelers, broncos. >> what is it we were talking about the "dancing with the stars" in football. what is that all about? >> this year, they asked victor cruz, wide receiver for the new york giants to be on next season's show. he's known for doing those
10:41 am
elaborate touchdown dances. he respectfully declined. he said he wants to focus his energy on football and he's not really at a point inside career where he needs to do "dancing with the stars." so he's not quite washed up yet. trying for that lombardi trophy first. >> joe carter, thank you very much. nice seeing you, too. we'll be watching football today, both of pups. next, we have a special guest, politics, social media and the interruptette awards. ♪ [ male announcer ] why do we grow quaker oats? because there are mountains to climb. ♪ dreams to be realized. ♪ new worlds to be explored
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and hearts to be won. quaker oats. energy to get you going, fiber to help fill you up and help keep your heart healthy. super people eat super grains.
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the 20th annual trumpet awards will be held here in atlanta tonight. 26 people will be honored for their contributions to and achievements in the african-american community. this morning, we are honored to have one of the distinguished honorees with us, the mayor of new york, new jersey, mayor corey booker. he's been honored for his political leadership. mayor, thank you so much joining us and congratulations on your award. >> thank you. thanks for having me on this morning. >> i am a new jerseyan, too. >> we are fellow jersey boys and we should be proud of that. >> i understand you're from harrington park and those towns are in new jersey. what high school did you go to? >> pass cake valley high school. >> but you're like ten or 20 years older than me. >> i thought it was just five years older.
10:45 am
>> did you play sports? >> three sports. basketball, track and football. >> we never faced each other, so probably a good thing for me. we're here to talk about the trumpet nominations. >> yeah. the older we get, the better we were. so both of us are legends. >> that's right. i'm the legend, right. tell us about the trumpet foundation. >> they're a remarkable foundation keeping people focused on the breadth of african-american achievement and often what you get from the full wealth of the community is not everything within terms of their contributions to the country. i've been watching the trumpet awards for years and years and years, seeing people who have inspired me, who have instructed me, who helps to sustain me along my journey. it's a privilege today to be pa part of that great community they've created. >> you're a community leader, a very positive role model.
10:46 am
what makes a good leader? >> ultimately, you know, leaders are not about -- that traditional sense i think of leading people, it's about demonstrating through your actions, through what you do, not necessarily through what you say. and i think the best leaders eve seen in the avenue can a can american communities are people that awaken in you the understanding that you, too, can be a leader. that's important. >> you're talking to kids in newark who want to pursue a career in politics, what kind of advice to you give them? >> i tell people all the time, life is not about pursuing a mission, it's about pursuing a purpose and a passion. they're going to have 10, 20 different jobs along their career. if they keep their moral compass fixed and pursue with a great passion the purpose of their lives, to figure that out, then the world will come to them. and what we really need to be doing, though, in america as a whole is preparing all of our children, giving them the sold lid foundation in early education so that they can
10:47 am
achieve whatever they set their minds to. >> technology is something you use a lot. i want to read something you tweeted last year. last year you tweeted during a blizzard and helped reassure residents of new jersey. you said we're working hard to solve what is still too big of a problem in new jersey. but we're making progress. car jackings down 50% compared to the same last time year. you also write, you inspire, i'm doing the sang improving my diet and fitness and by making time for exercise and importantly cutting out sugar. how important is the technology and things like twitter for you? >> it's an invaluable tool. and i feel very proud that over a million people around the country as well as tens of thousands in new york follow me and engage. this is the way. i can, just by the click of my button talk to a million people. it gives me power that generations before just didn't have. what i am able to do with that
10:48 am
is to crowd source the intelligence and wisdom of my city. people tell me, you know, ideas. people tell me, hey, when the light is out or when the water main is broken, so it's a powerful tool. but the best things about the tools i like is it's a way for to us create a community of inspiration, a community of hope, a community of possibilities. that's what i like to see on my twitter feed. >> what's your new year's resolution? >> i've got professional and purposeful. i'm here because of a great city andç newark is a city that's charging back. companies are moving back for the first time in 60 years, our population is growing. >> and newark is a great city. it's changed so dramatically since i was a kid. >> and that's attributed to the city of the people of newark. my new year's resolution is i have certain fixed kohl's good being a better servant to my city. and most importantly, we have a rampant obesity problem that is stunning when you look at our kids, obese, overweight or
10:49 am
morbidly obese, upwards of 30%, 40%, 50% depending on your demographics. i want to be the change i continue to see in the world and continue to be a better model of fitness and health so when i talk about it to my residents, i'm talking about it from a state of strength. >> will you stay here with us for a couple more minutes? >> yes. >> there's giant mosquitoes flying around, so i don't want them to chase you around. but when we come back, we will ask mayor booker about his presidential predictions. stay with us. what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lie on one of those, if you want a soft bed you can lie on one of those." we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. welcome to the sleep number year-end closeout event. not just ordinary beds on sale, but the bed that can change your life on sale. the sleep number bed.
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welcome back, everybody. new york, new jersey mayor cory booker is with us. mayor, being that you're in politics, i know you're following the presidential information. last week, here is what rick santorum said. >> i don't want to make people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money. i want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money. >> and this is what rick santorum told cnn about that comment. >> i looked at the video and i don't database in fact, i'm pretty confident i didn't say black -- i think i started to say a word and mumbled it and changed my thought. but i don't recall saying black. no one in that audience, no one listening, no reporter there heard me say that.
10:53 am
from everything i see, i was starting to say one word and i came up with a different word and moved on and it sounded like black. >> he did say black, but he says he was tongue tied, he didn't mean to say that. what do you say? >> being in this game, you try to afford people as much latitude as possible. that to me is patently offensive on the face. i'll give him some latitude that he possibly made a mistake. but often people try to use bigotry or stereotypes about african-americans as a foil to appeal to the lesser angels of others. it's those kinds of politics that we're just tired of. we want people to be appealing to our better angels and have a vision for all of america. at the end of the day, the aspirations for this country is that we will find a way forward for everyone. so that is the first time i'm seeing it.
10:54 am
i did not see the entire context. i don't want to cast aspersions on him, but just pulling out that one sound bite from what i see, it's a little disappointing. >> speak of rick santorum, one of the things he's talking about is no cuts to the military budget. barack obama is seeing we need a leaner, cheaper military. do you think that's a smart move for barack obama in an election year? >> i don't know about the politics. this is where i respect the president so much. at the end of the day, you obviously is gearing up for a campaign and has to make a lot of decisions. i'm sure advisers told him better to do these things after an election. but the reality is we are spending more on military than most of the major industrial nations out there combined, that we have expenditures that are unsustainable in the long-term, that we ramped up for these two very expensive wars and we can't keep fighting the wars of 100 years ago, 150 years ago. we have to gear up our military to be far more focused on what the future is doing.
10:55 am
in addition, we now know with the technologies we have, we don't ned necessarily need the manpower we had before. as i know from my police department as well as the military, a large part of our expenses is sustaining that force. not only while they're in the military, you understand even after they leave and they've given that incredible service to our country, we're still paying in terms of the benefits they receive. so shrinking that force lowers overall expenditures. but the preparedness is what's critical. so when you have generals, when you have leaders, military personnel telling you that we can be far more effective with less expending, it's a procedural issue, we're going to pursue that, lower military spending, because everybody knows that the amount of money you spend on something -- and we see this with public education -- doesn't mean necessarily that that's the strength of result we're going to get. you can spend less often and get more. >> one more prediction question. who do you think is going to win the gop nomination? >> it's clearly to me going to
10:56 am
be barack obama versus mitt romney, dem and republican. >> and november of this year, who is going to win? i know who you want to win. obama. do you think it's clear cut? >> no, i think president obama has a difficult road helping americans understand the incredible things that he's done. that's the biggest thing we find in newark, once you start informing them of the challenges he faced, the accomplishments he made, you see people's relation and embrace of our president get a lot more extreme. >> go visit newark, new jersey sometime, folks. go see a mets game. >> thank you. >> mayor booker, congratulations on your trumpet award. >> from one jersey guy to another, you don't give love a bad name. >> jersey's greatest exports. the anticipated film about the killing of osama bin laden is getting the kind of attention it probably did not expect from the department of defense. officials want to know whether
10:57 am
the filmmakers got their hands on classified information. there's so much to choose from. [ male announcer ] the four course seafood feast is back at red lobster. still just $15. get soup, salad, unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, dessert, and your choice of 7 entrées, like new honey bbq shrimp skewers or shrimp and scallops alfredo. all four courses, just $15. [ jody ] it's really good value. all my guests love it. i'm jody gonzalez, red lobster general manager. and i sea food differently.
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a yet to be released movie about the killing of osama bin laden is causing a stir and it doesn't have a title yet. listen to this. the department of defense says it will investigate allegations that the white house gave the filmmakers access to top white house and pentagon officials with knowledge of the bin laden


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